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Feed My Sheep Ministries,Inc.

Evangelist Amanda Donaldson accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior when she was 18 on August 13, 1968. She was licensed as an Evangelist in March 1973 by Faith Tabernacle Fire Baptized Holiness Church of God of the Americas and ordained by such Organization in June 1977. In 1968, she migrated to Washington DC in hopes of finding a job and anticipated coming to this big city, partying and hanging out with no limitations!Needless to say, God had another plan for her life. She was picked up at the Trailway Bus Station by her relatives and friends who took her to dinner and then to Sunday night service. That Tuesday night she was taken back to this Pentecostal Church for a prayer meeting and Bible study.


During alter call, she was convicted by the Holy Spirit and asked Jesus Christ to come into her heart and save her from her sins. She used her spiritual gifts to form an adult and children's choir and to teach Sunday school. Being Spirit-filled at such an early age, Amanda sorted God’s divine purpose for her life and according to Romans 12:1, “Presented her body as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God which was her reasonable service.” She has obeyed His word by visiting and praying with the sick, those imprisoned, the homeless, and in need of a friend. She has given her time, money, and whatever means necessary to show God’s love to the rejected and down trodden! "Feed My Sheep Ministries, Inc." was birth through three God inspired dreams: (1) He asked her three times if she loved Him and at the end of her three responses He commanded  her to “FEED HIS SHEEP”; (2) she was in the wilderness and there was a vast multitude of people afar off being ministered to by a man, and being ministered to by a

man, and God commanded her three times to open her mouth and preach three times, in which she responded three times "THEY DON'T WANT TO HEAR ME" but after the third time, she closed her eyes and opened her mouth and God begin to speak through her. When she opened her eyes the multitude of people were coming from every direction being drawn by the power of the Almighty God; and (3) as she walked along a seashore there were so many babies in white floating on their backs in  the ocean and God told her three times to jump in, but each time she replied "I CAN'T SWIM"; however, after the third time, she jumped in and just like those babies she was floating on her back.  She later learned that God was showing her that all she had to do was to trust His word and have faith that He would bring those dreams to pass. 


She has been ministering for over 46 years and still enjoying the journey with Jesus Christ. She has been employed for over 45 years as a Legislative Analyst in the Congressional Reseach Service Department at the Library of Congress.  She is one of the former founders of the Library of Congress Organization of Employees with Disabilities and served as its Vice Chair for over six years. She is the Good News Jail & Prison Ministry Volunteer Manager for Cornerstone Peaceful Bible Baptist Church where she has been a member for the last 20 years.

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